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Producers: UNIGRAM, Camp Sugar Productions, Bunya Productions

Director: Rebel Wilson

Written by Hannah Reilly, Meg Washington, Rebel Wilson

Choreographer: Rob Ashford

Associate Choreographer: Michaeljon Slinger

Director of Photography: Ross Emery

Production Designer: Sam Hobbs

Costume Designer: Margot Wilson

The Deb follows lovable farm girl and high school outcast Taylah Simpkins (Natalie Abbott), who is certain the upcoming Debutante Ball, “the Deb,” is her one chance to redefine herself. When her cynical city cousin Maeve (Charlotte MacInnes) is exiled to Taylah’s drought-stricken town Dunburn, she thinks the ball is a “heteronormative shit-show” and immediately disrupts the status quo. In their search for the spotlight, Taylah and Maeve dig deep to find self-acceptance — and a date to the Deb.

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